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One Heart Enamel Pin Set Gengar/Clefable


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Stay connected with a loved one with this matching pin set, or simply keep for yourself to show love for our favorite gen 1 duo!

Comes with 2 pins. Not for individual sale.



✦ 1.5" (each pin)
✦ Hard glitter enamel
✦ Gold plating
✦ 2 rubber clutches (each pin)


This is a standard grade pin set. Although standard grades are the highest quality, enamel pins are still a handmade product and are subject to small defects. These include, but are not limited to: Scratches in the enamel or metal; spots in the enamel; defects in the metal; etc. Standard grade pins will have the least amount of these defects, from little to none.


Actual product may differ from photo.

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